Catalina Bunge

Born in Argentina, lived in Uruguay, the UK and recently located to Madrid, Spain. Catalina initiates her curatorial and artistic career in 2010 at Contemporary Art Foundation (fac) in Uruguay.  In 2014 she relocated to London to pursue an MA in Curating Contemporary Art at Essex University. Catalina was granted with the FEFCA (2015) fund from MEC Ministry of Education in Uruguay, destined for academic training. She now live and work in Madrid, and studies a Master course in Internalization of Cultural Management and creative arts at UCM (Universidad Complutense Madrid).

She exhibited as an artist regionally in prestigious shows such as Ficciones (2011), at Fundación Atchugarry in Maldonado, Uruguay; the annual exhibition Llamale H (2012) in Montevideo, Uruguay (nominated with a second prize); the collective exhibition De cajón (2013) at the Cultural Centre of Mexico Embassy in Montevideo, Uruguay; Salto Biennale (2013) in Salto, Uruguay; selected and prized with an honor nomination at the Paul Cezanne Prize (2014) in MNAV (Museo Nacional de Arte Visuales) in Montevideo, Uruguay; the collective show Sobreexposición curated by Juan José Santos at EAC (Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo) in Montevideo, Uruguay; and abroad in London in the first Ibero-American Arts Award (2016). 
Her first curated exhibition was titled HyperSEXY (2011) and was part of the 8th season of EAC (Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo) in Montevideo. Her second exhibition Perpetua (carne) (2013) is co-curated with Fernando Lopez Lage in Enguelman Ost collection. As part of the training in the MA course, she organizes Abject Subject Exhibition at Artexchange in Essex University, Uk. The exhibition was co-curated with four other colleagues. Upwards, Downwards (2017) was her third exhibition showed in London, Paris and Montevideo and produced by art collective COCO. Her latest exhibition was The Things We Leave Behind (2018), co-curated with Clara Rocha and exhibited in London at One Paved Court Gallery. 


Lucia Ehrlich

Born in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1989. Performance artist, photographer, researcher and curator. She defines her work as feminist manifestos that embody street performance, video-performances and installations. Her latest research is around the Posporno. She graduated from the Université Paris VIII Vincennes-Saint-Denis in Plastic Arts. She currently lives in Montevideo, pursuing a Binational Master's Degree between Paris VIII and UdelaR, in Philosophy of Art and Contemporary Criticisms of Culture. She is also a researcher in Gender Studies.

Lucia initiates her career in theatre and contemporary dance. In 2012 she was the director, interpreter and creator of the winning work of the Movida Joven of the Municipal Intendance Pica! at El Galpón Theater. In 2013 she interpreted and created the contemporary dance El Mundo En Un Lugar Sala Zabala Muniz, Teatro Solís, Montevideo and Dance Cycle, Itaú Foundation.

Since 2014, she has been part of the Permanent Training Program at Contemporary Art Foundation (fac), Montevideo, where she is an active member working as an artist, researcher and curator. In 2015 she participates in the collective exhibition De Cajón a Fundación Unión, curated by Guillermo Baltar with the piece Ajo & Agua. In 2015-2016 she produced the video street performance Entre disparos. Participated in Upwards, Downwards exhibition in London, Paris and Montevideo curated by Catalina Bunge in 2017 and 2018, with art piece Intferiores. In 2016 was speaker at III Conference on Feminist Debate, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of the Republic, Montevideo and Maldonado, Uruguay. Workshop Women in art. In 2018 she curated the transfeminist exhibition Jaque, at the CCE (Centro Cultural de España) in Montevideo. She also organized the First Posporno Festival in Uruguay at CCE (Centro Cultural de España).


Natalia de León

Born in Montevideo, in 1983. Lives and works in Montevideo. She is a visual artist, independent photographer and contemporary photography critic. Natalia specialises in traditional black and white film and darkroom printing techniques. She has a BA in Fine Arts at Université Paris VIII Vincennes-Saint-Denis, in Paris, and a BA in Communication at the University of the Republic, in Montevideo.

Since 2010 she becomes a member of the Foundation of Contemporary Art (fac) in Montevideo, collaborating with research and critical essays about contemporary photography and contemporary art. Since 2009 she has participated in various artistic projects and exhibitions in Uruguay such as Paul Cezanne Prize in 2013 with art piece En El Lugar De Lo Dicho; and at the National Visual Arts Prize 2014 in MNAV (Museo Nacional de Artes Visuales) with the photography video-installation La Pausa. Exhibited abroad in Spain at Museo de la Universidad de Alicante, in 2016 with the same piece and in Upwards, Downwards exhibition in London, Paris and Montevideo curated by Catalina Bunge in 2017 and 2018; in 2016 she participated in "X Mulier Mulieris" at the University of Alicante Museum; and in 2018 at the Paul Cézanne Prize 2018. She is currently studying a Master of Contemporary Philosophy at UdelaR with guidance of Professor François Soulages of the University Saint Denis, Paris VIII.


María Mascaró

Born in Montevideo, in 1971. Lives and works in Montevideo. Maria started her artistic career studiyng painting and drawing in Montevideo, and silkscreen printing in Buenos Aires. Between 2004 and 2006 she moved to London, where she continued her studies in art, and made her first solo show at Nolia's Gallery. In 2012 she joins Foundation of Contemporary Art (fac), under the direction of Fernando López Lage, where she continues working as an active member. 

She was granted with awards and recognitions, being the most recent the "X Mulier Mulieris" and "IX Mulier Mulieris" exhibitions at the Museum of the University of Alicante, Spain, in 2015 and 2016; the Subte Exhibition Center in Montevideo, in 2015; in 2017 and Sala Municipal Exhibition Lidaura Chapitel, San Martin de los Andes, Neuquén, Argentina.

In 2014  she had her first solo show Femiliencia at the Engelman-Ost Collection, in Montevideo and Femiliencia exhibition 33 at the Agustín Araújo Museum in Treinta y Tres, Uruguay in 2017. In 2017 she exhibited Coincidencias in Buenos Aires, Argentina; and the Piñas at the Dalarna Cultural Space in Chihuahua, Uruguay in 2017.  She participated in several group exhibitions such as Upwards, Downwards in London, Paris and Montevideo in 2017 and 2018, curated by Catalina Bunge and in Degenerated Art and Degenerated Art 2 in Montevideo in 2015 and in Buenos Aires in 2016.  In March 2018 she participated in Jaque exhibition with art piece Ovasionadas at the CCE (Centro Cultural de España) in Montevideo, curated by Lucia Ehrlich.